Earl Mindell’s Prescription Alternatives
Book Synopsis

“For those who need to know what doctors and pharmaceutical companies are doing to people’s health . . . this belongs in the library of every home.”
— Lendon H. Smith, M.D., author of Feed Your Body Right

Prescription Alternatives is an easy-to-use, immediate reference for all the information you need about how medications affect your body, what you can do to counteract imbalances, and what alternative treatments work best. “FDA approved” doesn’t mean it’s safe!

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Amazon Reviews

August 6, 2016

I love this book! It has vitamins and supplements to use for most any health problem you may have. This book tells the benefits and what to watch out for if taking medicines. Thanks for a very informative book on health problems and healthy solutions.

Rebecca Horner
I love this book full of useful info and If your …
June 17, 2016

I love this book full of useful info and If your tired for the docs and drugs, just getting back to the basic of good health, I now understand what the pills the doc prescribed, I’ve been able to stop taking 2 pills a day money saver! and who would have thought that eating a banana would help with acid reflux. I gave my daughter this book hopefully it’s not to late to undo the harm we’ve done to our body

Amazon Customer
A Little Book of Life and Knowledge
March 18, 2017

This book gave me much insight on prescription medicines and its alternatives. If you want to live a much healthier life and longer life, then this book will be the first step. I share with everyone I care about who will listen. Now my voice can be heard worldwide! This was a small investment for a life change of knowledge for me.

Gloria C. Bray
Great book.
July 21, 2015

Very interesting and I have learned a lot. It is a book that everyone should read for the sake of their health. I haven’t quite finished it yet and am still learning facts that would be beneficial to all. Great book. It goes into great detail about the danger of combining prescription drugs and OTC products. Also, how certain medicines affect the liver….such as Tylenol. No home should be without this book.

alonzo brewer
I have had some problems with prescriptions for diabetes. …
August 24, 2015

I have had some problems with prescriptions for diabetes. I am reading and researching everything everything in order to stay healthy–sometimes on my own. It means not taking some of the stuff the Dr. prescribes, but I do let him know when I refuse, and when and what I substitute. This book helped.

JP Russell
Information that safely improve your health.
August 6, 2014

Very practical & useful book. Anyone who is concerned about the relative risks and benefits of traditional Rx medications vs.safer natural alternatives such as supplements / vitamins & minerals, food, exercise, and so forth, should consider adding this book to their personal library. I know more than the average person about such topics and use many of the recommendations, but I still have pored over certain sections extensively.

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